A very important part of the professional activity of GreenArc, is the Design, the Installation-Planting and the Agricultural Guidance of the tree crops.

By the term tree cultivation, we mean that perennial plant (tree or shrub) which is exploited by man to produce fresh or dried fruit.

Arboriculture includes a large number of fruitful perennial trees, which produce fresh or nuts, such as olive, orange, hazelnut, etc. and are divided into apple (apple, pear, etc.), stone fruit (apricot, rhododendron). a) Citrus (Lemon, Orange, etc.), Acorns (Pistachio, Walnut, etc.) and fruit-bearing perennial shrubs to which species such as Vine, Kiwi, Raspberry, Sea buckthorn, etc. belong and which produce only fresh fruit.

Our company from 2006 until today, works closely with producers and companies, all over Greece and at all stages of the production process and processing of agricultural products.

This process involves:

  • The study of installation of plant material (Soil analysis - Selection of cultivation - Selection of suitable variety - Selection of ideal subject - Orientation of planting - Planting distances) and the irrigation system (Primary - Secondary - Tertiary network).

Our company is the one that will collect, organize and manage all the necessary information, so that the proposal that it will present to the respective producer or investor, is as complete and efficient as possible.

  • The installation of the cultivation and the irrigation network or the supervision of their correct application (Soil preparation - Application of the necessary quantities of macronutrients and trace elements - Planting of plant material - Installation of irrigation network.
  • The frequent and meticulous carrying out of crop inspections, during the stage of the production process, in order to prevent any entomological and phytopathological infestations. If and when they are found, it is recommended to carry out the appropriate sprays with the appropriate plant protection products.
  • Check for the appropriate time of harvest of the product (maturation) and recommendation for the appropriate way of harvesting it (Mechanical way or Manual). At the same time, the necessary directions are given for the way of maintenance, processing or processing of the product.

The trust shown by the customers in GreenArc and the constantly growing, under our supervision, cultivated areas, make us proud and push us to try more and more, using our many years of experience and the most modern practices, to offer a high quality value final product.

Our website that deals exclusively with tree crops will soon be available,


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