GreenArc has been in its current form since 2006. Its founders are Christos and Nikos Zachos, graduates of the Agricultural University of Athens, class of 2000. Agronomists, excellently trained, specialising in Plant Protection and Environment, and Landscape Architecture and Tree Planting respectively.

GreenArc provides services in the following fields:

  • design and construction of landscaping projects,
  • design and construction of irrigation networks,
  • design and construction of drainage networks,
  • design, installation and agricultural guidance of arboriculture,
  • design of lighting of green spaces,
  • special constructions, such as slopes and planted roofs (terraces),
  • maintenance of green spaces.

Our goal is to give shape and structure to your outdoor space, so that it is both functional and beautiful, while being the continuation of your home in nature, which you can enjoy all year long.


logo squareOur ability to create unique landscapes that meet your needs and requirements, on the one hand gives added value to your property, on the other hand gives you joy in your daily engagement with your garden.

The wide variety of our projects, which includes, hotel units, colleges and private schools, professional and sports facilities, estates, residential complexes and private houses, in combination with our constant presence and supervision, guarantee a quality and unique outcome.

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