5 star hotel in Karditsa. The architectural design and construction of the green space of the hotel, with an area of 30,000 m2, began in early November 2009 and was completed at the end of June 2010. The project was completed in about eight months.

This is a large professional green space, with special requirements. A ready-made turf of variety was installed with very good characteristics of density, texture, color and resistance to stress, since it is a place with continuous social activity throughout the year.

Around the plot was planted a plant fence of Eleagnus (Eleagnus ebbingeii) and Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus), while in the rest of the green space were created large clusters of small and large shrubs, aromatic plants and perennials. 30 different types of trees and 100 different types of shrubs were used for the architectural configuration of the green, while a total of 400 trees and 10000 shrubs and aromatic plants were planted. The area of ​​the lawn is about 9000 m2 while the area occupied by pebble and wood surfaces is about 1000 m2. In selected parts of the green space, sloping surfaces and terraces were created, with turf and bushes, in order to give a more natural dimension to the surface, thus creating a beautiful and quality architectural landscape.

A fully automated irrigation system was installed throughout the green area using solenoid valves and a central stop control programmer. Pop up for lawn irrigation and a self-adjusting drip pipe for watering trees and shrubs were used.

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