5 star hotel in Anavyssos. The architectural configuration and reconstruction of the green space of the hotel, with an area of 16000 m2, took place in 2008.

This is a large professional green space, with special requirements since it is located by the sea. Lawn was sown with a mixture of varieties with very good characteristics of density, texture, color and resistance to stress and salinity, as it is a place with continuous social activity throughout the year.

Around the plot, on its north side, a tall plant fence from Leyland (Cupressocyparis leylandii) was planted in order to protect the area from strong cold north winds, while on its east and west sides, oleanders and various Nerium oleander were planted. In the rest of the green space, small flower beds were created from small and large bushes, aromatic plants and perennial plants. Several palm trees were also planted, while on the south side were placed tamarisk trees (Tamarix sp.). In selected parts of the green space, paths were created from stone blocks, creating a beautiful and special architectural landscape.

A fully automated irrigation system was installed throughout the green area using solenoid valves and a central stop control programmer. Pop up for lawn irrigation and a self-adjusting drip pipe for watering trees and shrubs were used.

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