Private home garden in the State. The construction of the garden, with an area of 1000 m2, began in early July 2006 and was completed almost 30 days later.

This is a private garden, with very special features. Most of it (approximately 750m2) was a terrace garden, since its surface (with a depth of only 25cm) was the roof of the lower building. A drainage network was installed on the entire surface of the terrace garden, so that the excess amount of water (rain and irrigation water) escapes in a short time. A special mixing soil with main properties, its light weight, its direct drainage and its very good ventilation (very good granulometric composition) was added to the entire surface of the roof garden.

A ready-made lawn of exceptional quality with excellent characteristics of density, texture and green color was installed all year round. All shrubs planted on the surface of the terrace were selected based on their ability to grow a tufted root system. The trees chosen to be planted in the terrace garden were Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) and Olives (Olea europea). Small hills were created at the planting points of the trees, while in the part where an impressive and rare Olive tree at least 400 years old was planted, a special infrastructure was created.

A fully automated irrigation system was installed throughout the garden using solenoid valves and a central stop control programmer. Pop up for lawn irrigation and a self-adjusting drip pipe for watering trees and shrubs were used.

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