Private house garden in Mykonos. The construction of the garden, with an area of 5000 m2, started in early October 2007 and was completed around the end of November.

It is a large private garden, with very special features, due to its altitude, location, but also its orientation. So situations had to be addressed such as salinity of irrigation water, salinity from the sea through the winds, very strong winds of different directions but mainly north winds and finally the very poor quality soil, due to its very high sand content.

Special fertilizers were applied to the entire surface of the plot and a large amount of peat and other special soil improvers were added. All the shrubs that were planted in the green area, were selected based on their ability to face all these problems due to salinity and strong winds.

A special variety of ready-made lawn was installed, of exceptional quality with excellent characteristics of density, texture and green color all year round. The trees chosen to be planted in Mykonos were Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), in protected areas, Olives (Olea europea) and Almyrikia (Tamarix gallica).

In order to architecturally highlight the garden and the house, materials were used, such as river pebbles, rocks from the excavation of the foundations of the house, and specially treated timber, which were placed at key points of the garden creating a beautiful and quality architectural landscape.

A fully automated irrigation system was installed throughout the garden using solenoid valves and a central stop control programmer. Pop up for lawn irrigation and a self-adjusting drip pipe for watering trees and shrubs were used.

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